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Alma nutter


Other than prison or mental hospital, what is it school was supposed to prepare me for?

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  1. “We can’t even think of a word that rhymes”..

    Oh Lord.. Poetry that requires a person
    to think of a rhyme or think of anything
    at all but flow is no poetry to me but it’s
    true ‘the other mind’ for
    be exercised
    as any Yin and
    Yang Art and
    Science of Life
    to get ‘it all together
    and truly groove the now…

    Hmm.. i had a dream last night Cabrogal
    and then i wondered why and then i came
    here.. hehe.. yes.. i had one of those School
    Dream Conundrums as it’s true i spent F iN
    19 Years in School through all 3 College Degrees
    mostly getting a degree in the rote memory of retaining
    information long enough to Master fill in the blank and multiple
    Choice tests.. as far as moving connecting and co-creating.. and
    actually understanding how to come to regulate my emotions and
    integrate my senses that surely would have profited me more with innate
    conditions of Bi-Polar and Asperger’s Syndrome.. i became mostly a robot instead
    which surely muted the high parts of Bi-Polar and also accentuated the Low parts
    of Asperger’s Syndrome in my difficulties of reciprocal social communication as in my
    case lose it or lose
    it applies in that
    case where eventually
    an Information Technology
    Support Assistant who was supposed
    to be an Athletic Director became a Computer
    losing their emotions steadily to ‘nil of Pain and Numb
    and sure.. 19 assorted.. mostly stress related conditions
    and a 66 Month stay as shut-in in my Bedroom as such then..
    For it’s true School lasts through Work Years too as far as slave
    and master to be spoon-fed as told what to do.. for.. many folks
    at least.. as sure.. all the exceptions to rules apply as always too..
    anyway.. in my dream.. in was the first day of School in a University
    Class.. subject not expressed.. as School was the requirement of the
    day.. no matter interest as degree required.. and i left my Driver’s License
    in my Car and lost my way to find my Car in the Parking Lot as i must admit
    i do these days at Walmart when i’m deep in free flowing free verse thought..
    and the Young Folks at the Dorm tried to help me call my Sister to drive back
    to the University to help me find my car for it was getting dark and harder to
    find but i couldn’t figure out how to use the variety of Cell Phones they gave
    me.. and then i woke up and started to analyze why i had the dream and
    said F it.. i’ll figure it out later as i am doing now.. for it’s true.. the moral
    of the dream
    was school
    was mostly
    just a bull
    shit experience
    as orchestrated by someone
    else as Director Producer and
    Actor as imposed on me.. and the
    truth is i find me from back then in
    the audience most places i go while
    i direct and produce and act my play
    now subject to no one else’s school
    while i study the Zoo and take notes along the way..;)

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