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Trigger warning free zone

There are no trigger warnings on this blog.
Here’s why.

But there are plenty of things on this blog that could traumatise you. Discussions of Australian politics, pictures of Peter Singer, confessions of my taste in music, bad grammar, a gravatar that looks like a clown

So if you can’t cope with the possibility of being triggered by what you read on the internet, here’s the website for you (warning, may trigger agoraphobes).

If you’re not worried about being triggered, but believe its your business to warn people you don’t even know away from things you think they’re too frail to handle – stop being so fucking patronising.

And if you’re so stupid as to take anything written in this blog or by this blogger seriously then you must be getting triggered 24 hours a day already.

I’m just here to be a mess.

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Best “about” page I’ve read to date!
    Thanks for making me feel warm & fuzzy! I’m gonna follow you despite vowing to stop following more blogs, and I also Facebooked about your blog at length.
    your new freaky fan,
    Dyane 🙂

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    • Well that’s the strongest endorsement this blog’s had to date.
      Thank you.

      Given the name of your blog (which I’ll be checking out shortly) you might be interested in this post.


  2. Awww – just saw that the clown gravatar is gone. :((

    Thank you for following my blog & for your comments. I’ll have to send you a “pressie” for that!

    I knew there was a reason I liked you/your writing so much. You hail from Australia, and I’m rather besotted with your country. I made the mistake of being born in Los Angeles. If I had my way I would have been born in your country or in New Zealand.

    I visited Melbourne in 1994, and while there I met Phil Judd’s daughter Amy on the street by total chance, which was one of the craziest and coolest moments in my life. I stalked my favorite rock band over in Aotearoa as well. I blog about some of that it here:

    Hope you like it!

    And I did have a nightmare after looking at the Peter Singer photo on Wiki. How could you post such a terrifying link? 😉

    be jolly!

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    • Awww – just saw that the clown gravatar is gone. :((

      Yeah, Le Clown’s site has been taken down. I’d wondered why there had been no new posts for so long. That really surprises me. It was a very widely followed site that served as a kind of hub for many other bloggers.

      I stalked my favorite rock band over in Aotearoa as well.

      I read about your attraction to Split Enz and Crowded House.

      I was fond of Split Enz’s live show back in the days of “Shark Attack” and “Hermit McDermott” but I never really took to their vinyl and pretty much went off them with the release of “True Colours”. Noel Crombie’s weird stage presence somehow authenticated their music and costumes in a way the albums never did for me. I wish I’d had a camera with me when I came across them in full costume playing with frisbees on my local beach when their 1978 tour brought them there. Back in the 80s a friend of mine worked with Neil Finn who, by all accounts I’ve heard, is a lovely guy.

      Some of the bands from your part of the world are more my style.
      The Minute Men, Circle Jerks, The Germs, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion, Black Flag, X (even though the Australian band of the same name was better), …
      And before them of course was The Doors.

      And I did have a nightmare after looking at the Peter Singer photo on Wiki. How could you post such a terrifying link?

      If you found his picture terrifying don’t look at his actual writing. If genes specific to bipolar are ever discovered Singer would advocate aborting people like us, or even ‘euthanising’ us as infants (I kid you not).

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  3. Loved this informed reply! How nice to hear from someone who actually knows who Split Enz was!!! I wish you did have a camera on you when you saw them in full regalia playing fisbee on the beach!!!!

    Most of the bands you listed as your style have played in Santa Cruz, California where I live….Santa Cruz is an eclectic town filled with music fanatics on the beautiful coast. I’s where the classic vampire film “The Lost Boys” was filmed. I wonder if you’ve seen that movie? I love how it begins with a cover of “People Are Strange” & that’s a very appropriate for this community.

    I still follow Neil Finn & co. but stopped going to his shows. He has been posting a series of videos of his “Anxiety Dreams” on the internet. The one I started to watch of him on stage getting booed by his audience freaked me out so bad I had to stop watching it. I did get a big kick out of his son Liam’s video “Snug As Fuck” – even if you don’t like his music, take a peek – I thought it was entertaining.

    I grew up in L.A. & I attended the same high school as some guy named Jim….Morrison? Morristoast? Something like that. Long brown hair. Wiry. Sadly no longer on the planet.

    Annnyway, I definitely won’t look at Singer’s writing. I might dress up as him for Halloween though. Wouldn’t that be mega-scary?????????

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  4. Ooops , of course I meant frisbee!!!!! I’m sure there are other typos galore…….


  5. and trigger warnings have rarely work for me anyways…smiles hedy 😀

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  6. Scarlett permalink

    Like your work, and your idea about avoiding avoiding triggering.

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    • Like your work

      I just read some of your blog so I can reciprocate that without effort.

      I mean I like your blogging work, not your former work.
      Though I like that too.

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      • Scarlett permalink

        Thanks on both accounts, it’s very rare to find good people here, nice to meet you 🙂

        It’s been a while since I gave that up, my former work, odd though I can’t seem to stop bringing that up, at least here on the internodes.

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        • I can’t seem to stop bringing that up

          Well, it helps your readers pay attention …

          I hope it’s not for similar reasons to why I keep circling back to my work with sex offenders and ‘survivors’ (hate that word. I’m not calling myself one until the body count is in).

          As communication technologies go, I think sex has a little too much bandwidth. Takes the rest of me a while to process the data.

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        • Scarlett permalink

          Somewhat, as a kid it wasn’t very palatable but later on I did ok, and in some ways it was frankly empowering, plenty of women I know are doing quite well out of it.

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