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Bullshit warning

I hope the crazies reading this blog realise I know nothing of the suffering of a real psychotic
I’ve never been locked up or injected against my will
I’ve never been made to take pills and never had to deal with their side-effects
I’ve never been tasered or beaten up by police for therapeutic reasons
I’ve never beaten myself up either
Not physically
Not lately

Anything I say about controlling or managing mental illness is crap
I wouldn’t have a clue
I’m just a neurotic egotist playing bad boy

I hope students of religion reading this blog realise I know nothing of the divine
I am not a believer and have never known true faith
I have not walked the spirit path or astral traveled
I have not heard the word of god or been initiated into the way
I have not studied the scriptures or practiced renunciation
I have not sat at the feet of a guru
If I tried, I’d probably get kicked

Anything I say about touching the ineffable is rubbish
I’m no wise man
I’m just another nut spouting nonsense

To anyone who surfs the web seeking scientific knowledge, political analysis, philosophical insight, moral guidance or literary merit
You’ve clicked on the wrong link
It’s sites like this that give the internet a bad name

To anyone who thinks there is anything to learn here, anything of artistic value or anything that might amuse or enlighten
You’ve stumbled upon the blog of a complete wanker
A narcissist who just dumps the contents of his head in public space as if anyone wanted to see it
There’s nothing worth reading here and nothing that was worth writing

And if any bamboozled readers of this deluded blog think it speaks for even one Aborigine much less Aboriginal Australia as a whole
You are part of the problem

You have come to the wrong place
You are wasting your time

  1. oh either this was sarcasm or blatant truth. no one is looking upto you, you can be sure of it but really you havent been prescribed and taken pills or you arent psychotic? you are missing out on lots of fun

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    • A bit of truth, a dollop of narcissism, a big slab of irony and a jigger of self-contempt.

      I’ve been prescribed pills for psychosis but never been forced to take them, so I don’t.

      I certainly tick all of the DSM criteria for florid psychosis, but on the other hand DSM says that hallucinations, altered consciousness etc aren’t necessarily pathological in certain religious contexts. So I suppose whether I’m a psychotic depends on whether the guys who compile the DSM would think my life is a valid religious context.

      But really, psychosis has been a big positive in my life with few drawbacks, so I feel pretty inauthentic comparing myself to most of the other psychotics I know.

      But what really prompted this page was the way I’d conned myself into thinking I had brought my mania and psychoses almost under control, mostly via meditation techniques. My last manic/psychotic episode proved beyond doubt that wasn’t true. I’d hate to think people who have real trouble with psychosis might think I’d discovered some sort of magical solution and tried to imitate me when really I’m just flying blind.

      I assume you get psychotic and are OK with it too.
      Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spread that to people who get really fucked over by it?
      Wouldn’t it be dangerous if we tried without knowing what we were doing?

      I need to keep reminding myself to stop trying to help people when I don’t know how to help.

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  2. I’m tempted to plagiarise your words and paste them into my ‘about’ section. But I won’t, cause I’m too much of a narcissist.

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  3. So funny.. you are lovely

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  4. A-a-h-e-m

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  5. As I read each post on your blog, I feel more and more at home. I love how refreshingly honest you are, how you make no apologies. Very coolio!

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  6. This I love. Enough said.

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  7. I love you saying it like it is! More power to you!

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  8. Elen permalink

    Speachless… I’m a 28 year survived… I’m looking for an experienced phyc…. Dr Bsily?

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    • I’m afraid I can’t recommend any psychs, especially as I don’t know where you are.

      One thing I can say though is that if you get a psych who explains your distress in terms of neurotransmitter imbalances you should walk away. There has never been evidence to support such a theory or tests that can verify it in individuals (just try to find someone who has ever had their serotonin or dopamine levels checked) and there’s now considerable evidence that it’s simply not true in the overwhelming majority of cases. Doctors who make such claims are getting their information from drug companies instead of researchers and are setting you up to be disabled by harmful medications for a very long time.

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