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Capitalism. Do Not Resuscitate.

You remember Krystal Ball’s masterful disembowelment of what the US Democratic Party calls democracy?

Here she is demanding the immediate replacement of US capitalism with anti-authoritarian collectivism.

I think I’m in love.

Self-test routine

Angry? Greedy? Sad? Stupid? Weak? Cruel? Egotistical? Lazy? Impatient? Insensitive? Jealous? Frightened? Arrogant? Dishonest? Inconsiderate?

Yeah, all of that. And more. Another normal day.

But no matter how lame I am, how many things I fail at, how often, in how many different ways; I’m always perfect at one thing. Being me.

Maybe that’s the job that counts.

Ain’t no-one else gonna do it.

Unthinking ahead

Live every day as if you’re demented.
Because when it comes you may be too far gone to notice.

Whither Hinduism?

But who really knows?
Who can say?
How was it produced?
Whence is this Creation?
The gods came later, with the birth of the universe.
Who then can know whence it has arisen?

Whence did Creation arise?
Was it was formed? Did it form itself?
The One who looks down from the highest of heavens
Only She knows
Or perhaps She knows not.

– from Nasadiya Sukta, the Rig Veda’s Hymn of Creation

Hinduism has its canonical texts, believed by many – but not all – Hindus to be divinely inspired and infallible.

Hinduism has its dogmatists and bigots who think their own tiny slice of an all encompassing tradition holds the entire Truth in a way no other belief system does.

It has smarmy swamis and bogus godmen who seek to bedazzle others with the jewels of its wisdom so as to enhance their own power and wealth.

But what sets Hinduism apart from other major religions is that it doesn’t claim to have all the answers. It knows the ultimate Truth; the Divine Itself; is not ours to know, to possess, to encompass, to express. Though perhaps it is ours to be.

Hinduism has one God, many gods and no god at all.

Like its adherents, Hinduism is a work in progress. A multitude of works, progressing in a cacophony of directions. Not destination but journey. Not dead, dusty tomes but vital, alive and as messy as a Mumbai chowk. It’s not an immaculate ideal residing in the heavens. It’s real, intimate, in the mud with us.

The Goddess I speak is not the true Goddess for She is beyond my grasp; beyond comprehension. Hinduism is comfortable with the ineffable, the unknowable, the infinite. It knows none hold the Truth, yet all reflect it.

I am a Muslim, and a Hindu, and a Christian, and a Jew, and so are all of you.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Only a Hindu would say that.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

If he can’t lead us we can’t be misled

We should all be thanking Donald Trump for clarifying the global response to coronavirus.

Whatever The Leader of the Free World™ says or does about it, we can be confident in believing and doing the exact opposite.

Early adopter

Tonight I attended an introductory lesson into what I hoped wasn’t going to be another load of New Age twaddle. My hopes were dashed in the first five minutes but I stuck it out to avoid seeming impolite.

For the whole ninety minutes or so the guy sitting next to me was dry coughing.

At first I thought “Gee, I hope this isn’t the latest fashion in plague disease”, but on reflection I thought “I hope it is”. We’re all gonna get it, so better to do it now before the Australian winter arrives and the health system collapses I reckon.

Our home affairs minister is leading the way, contracting Covid-19 on his latest US jaunt and promptly bringing it home for the benefit of all Australians. He’s the former Queensland cop who has been tasked with protecting us from dirty, dangerous foreigners by locking them away in disease-ridden offshore hell-holes.

I wonder if he caught it from Trump.

Barrett’s bike

First dog on the moon

… or you could borrow Syd’s.

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