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Dribbly wisdom

I’ve knocked down a few walls over the years. In my head.

Now everything runs into everything else and I run wherever I like.


Bullshit detector

“People with autism may be less subject to herd thinking, and more able to take original perspectives.”Francesca Happé

Us aspies can’t ‘hear’ your non-verbal communication. That’s a big part of how we’re defective, deficient and disabled. It’s why you’re better than us.

So I hope I’m not disturbing anyone’s snug, smug neurotypical dream by letting on that it ain’t necessarily so.

We can hear what you’re not saying alright. Loud and clear. It just might not be what you want us to hear.

Screensaver oracle

“It’s not very random. I’ve seen that one three times now. Sometimes you get a run of pictures with the same theme.”

“It’s random enough to display messages from the universe. It’s like casting the I Ching.”

“I see what you mean.”


madness, destruction and death is life
we know we can’t touch it and hope to survive
yet here it all is

Why I don’t like you

Recent Firefox updates (probably in conjunction with my anti-malware stuff) have been progressively decreasing my ability to use the WordPress ‘like’ button. It’s been a problem with customised URL sites (as opposed to * for a while but it’s now blocked for all blogs. After messing with settings for ages I’ve got it to acknowledge my ‘likes’ when I click the button but when I exit the page and come back my like is missing. I have similar problems commenting on some blogs. I’m tired of fiddling with it only to see my tweaking neutralised by further updates so I’m giving up on it for now.

So if I’m not ‘liking’ your posts it might be because I can’t. Or because they suck.

(P.S. If a WordPress techie or someone who reads their support pages more diligently than I can point me to a few clues I’d appreciate some URLs in the comments. Don’t forget, one link per comment. Akismet and I don’t always get on either.)

Why I’m a lefty

Struggle is inevitable. It’s synonymous with life.

There’s individual struggle. You against the universe. We all have days like that. It can be fun. Or a fucking nightmare.

Sometimes there’s the opportunity for collective struggle. Joining with those whose passions you share to fight for something more meaningful than a paycheck or scoreline. That’s the kind I like.

Common ground

Why all the polarisation? Surely we can agree on the fundamentals. That no matter where you stand on the political spectrum the other guy is a mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, traitorous moron with no opinions that weren’t confected for him by the powers that be.

And we wonder why all our Parties are the same.

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