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Ontological anti-realism


If I’m capable of believing it’s not to be believed.

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  1. “If i’m Capable of believing it’s not to be believed”

    A cRuX oF reaLiTy
    aLL iS aN inK
    C O Lors/
    N U M Bers
    we create
    coming to
    Master as Artist and Scientist
    oR Suffer More as Guinea Pig/Paint
    Of Someone Else’s Science Project
    /Art Painting that ‘they’ draw on
    out of
    us now..
    yes.. including
    us as Scientist
    And Artist too now..:)

    ‘One’ ‘thing’.. i reAlly Love about Poetry
    the most in all the forms and free verse it
    comes and the rest of art too is actually Free
    Verse responding to literally Tens of Thousands
    of Poems and other Forms As Essence of Art
    from Thousands of Poets in the last 55 months
    And most of all reading all
    the comments from
    folks who respond
    to Art and Science Art
    on Poetry Sites and comments
    that are both Art and Science to
    supposedly ‘rational’ discussions
    on so-called ‘rational’ forums for
    discussion too.. in the last 2776
    Days.. doing that too.. as i’ve come to
    Enjoy all the colors of
    Humanity from
    dArkest BLack
    Abyss including me
    in that sub-group of
    Humanity through the biggest
    group that is sHades of Grey as
    life’s generally speaking.. a bitch and
    not always a bitch.. to a beach beyond rainbow
    colored folks who create a world of bliss and nirvana
    otherWise known/felt/sensed as a Kingdom oF Heaven oN EartH
    NoW WiTHiN now.. A Truth is one view of life is not to be believed..
    alone of course as
    all views
    of life
    as is..
    whether people
    believe it or not.. it’s easier
    to see for folks who move out
    of tunnel vision more.. hehe.. it’s not hard
    to understand.. for me at least that God is not lonely at all
    as ‘they’ say.. “i’M” Happier than the norm of God alone.. truly
    is better
    than nothing
    as God (Father) ‘knows’ best..
    a zero sum game is still nothing @all..;)

    In other words; if from ‘the origin’, if Anti-Matter is
    Equal to Matter; there would be still nothing at all
    From A
    that is just one
    Perspective too..

    iT’S A WiN WiN LiFE FoR ‘God’ @lEasTer

    My First and only Instructor of Philosophy
    who was a Retired Navy Chief at probably
    the smallest branch of a Junior College.. anywhere
    in the US.. back in ’78 as it was then the same rather
    Small Two Story Building that i went to in Elementary
    School at.. back in ’66.. And my Mother went to.. too.. in High
    School tHere.. in a Very Small Town And That Small High School
    Graduating then.. in ’53 as voted with the best figure in her Junior
    and Senior High School Classes as that School.. was in Walking Distance
    too from the River Front Home i was raised in then.. practically still a Family
    Heirloom now.. up the Hill from the River as a German Shepherd used to chase
    me when i walked to Elementary School at 5 years old.. hehe.. my hands then so
    dainty and frail.. always protecting them from dog jaws as such.. intuiting those
    Hands would really reAlly come in handy even more one day.. anyway.. as i am
    attempting to discuss this like a ‘normal human being now’.. hAha.. My Instructor..
    Mr. Hunt.. in a Philosophy Class about Living in a Technological Society.. Preached
    through that Philosophy Class and Several others.. i took as a Freshman in
    Junior College then.. of the iLLs of Specialization.. with folks spending their
    entire life in ‘one window frame’ of mind/body.. suffocating their
    Human Potential so much then.. true.. those were
    ‘the days’ where folks spent a lifetime
    in a career in one job too..
    benefit.. of course..
    Pensions that
    are going
    way of
    the Dinosaur
    these days and
    Re-tirements too..
    to use a cliche now.. sort of
    instead of continuing 12 Million
    Words of Analysis and Poetry on
    this 2776th Day of doing just that
    without a Break.. there is water water
    everywhere now and some folks still are
    not getting a drop of Focus for the Fire Hydrant
    is washing their much fuller potential away too.. And that’s
    where the dance comes in my friend.. the same dance that
    in a Modern World of true ignorance most everyone and generally
    speaking just about everyone where i live leaves out.. ‘true’ ‘Aborigines’
    And ‘Indigenous Peoples of Nature’ understand that Nature Moves Connects
    And Co-Creates
    Freer in
    Focus now
    without paint
    by.. numbers
    science.. for the
    eye of the Tiger
    And the Heart of the
    Lion and yes.. the Winds
    of the Hurricane and the
    eye of a Category 6 Hurricane
    are just an eye and heart that/who is forgotten
    swept away by the winds of time that have never
    River now
    that/who floods
    with Freedom in
    Dance that Sings as Breath oF LiFE STaR iN
    Focus Brighter away from Dimmer As Please Note..
    i left out the ‘Tin Man’ and ‘Scare Crow’ for ‘they’ don’t ‘Really Live’..;)

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