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tiger by the tail


Michael’s got a mortgage and Gayle has her regrets
Dennis doubles down with yet another run of bets
Claire clatters at her keyboard. There goes another nail
It’s just a livin’ once we’ve caught a tiger by the tail

Peter plays the pokies and Steffie plays with Tim
Manny plays the market while the market’s playin’ him
Garth greases up the clients. Gotta make another sale
You’re goin’ nowhere when you’ve got a tiger by the tail

Bernie is a robber and Kennedy’s a cop
They don’t like where they’re headin’ but dunno how to stop
Helen’s hubbie keeps on hittin’, but still she’s postin’ bail
You gotta keep on grippin’ that ol’ tiger by the tail

Betty had a baby and Billy got the bug
Kim’d make it maybe if she could only have a hug
They all depend on Ada so she knows she mustn’t fail
There’s no escapin’ if you’ve grabbed the tiger by the tail

Roger’s got his crack pipe and Davo’s got a bag
Sandy buys a bottle but keeps suckin’ on a fag
Terry is a tough guy, with all that it entails
We’re all just hangin’ tightly to the tiger by the tail

Wink’s fingers are a poppin’ as Pappy pops his knee
Dick is almost droppin’ so he drops another ‘D’
Ain’t no use meditatin’ or tryna find your holy grail
Lovin’s just like hatin’ holdin’ tigers by the tail


earwormed from a Tom Waits masterpiece

From → poetry, slash poetry

  1. ‘tryna find your holy grail’ – great contraction, ‘tryna’ I s’pose you just got it, holdin tiger by the tail…


    • I’m not sure if ‘tryna’ is an Australianism. I seem to hear it all the time. That’s the first time I’ve seen it written though. Spellcheck sure don’t like it.

      Liked by 1 person

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