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slashed, battered and bleeding
I gaze up at you pleading
for what I don’t know
is it just the next blow

gutted and shattered
would it ever have mattered
surely no-one can care
in this world of despair

please god never leave me
if you free me I’ll fall
were it not for your tortures
I’d feel nothing at all


I tried happiness. It was horrible.

From → poetry, slash poetry

  1. For Fox Sake permalink

    Infinite impossibilities and all he can do is comply.


    • There’s always infinite impossibilities for enslaving ourselves. This guy prefers the personal touch.


  2. For Fox Sake permalink

    the guy is a gurl…


    • Dunno about that. Seems to me men are more likely to externally personalise their perceptions of their own fears and misfortunes than women are, though perhaps women are more likely to do so for their hopes and good fortune.

      I don’t think either gender has a monopoly on putting oneself at the centre of an overblown melodrama.


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