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Rabbits love to be petted. Ananda (bliss) was named for his response to being scratched and stroked. My two like to snuggle close while I’m petting them, letting me simultaneously stroke one with each hand, typically for five or so minutes at a time. Ananda has deep, profoundly soft fur that he likes to have quickly tugged, especially around his face and ears. Luna’s hair is shorter and soft in an ineffably different way. She prefers to be scratched slowly on the neck and back. They can sense if you’re paying full attention as you pet them or if you’re starting to get mechanical. They let you know.

It helps keep me relaxed and focused. Feels pretty nice too.

Luna and Ananda

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  1. I once had a guinea pig called Gingernut who loved to be petted. She made a lovely trilling, chirping sound each time I petted her. Your rabbits are gorgeous and oh, so strokable.

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