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Immune system


I couldn’t be charged. Not for minor stuff. Especially not drugs. I had a number and name. Detective Sergeant S- at Marrickville. I was his informant.

Not that I informed. To him or any other cop. I never even met Detective Sergeant S-. He was presumably one of many on my employer’s payroll.

Even if you don’t inform there’s a downside to being an informant. If my body showed up I knew what the media would call it. So did my employer. So did the police. Everyone shrugs and gets back to work.

Most cops didn’t want to arrest me anyway. They wanted to beat me up and steal whatever I was holding. Not much I could do about them. Just try to build them into the business model.

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  1. uncaged permalink

    Did they beat you?


  2. Most days you win.
    Some days they do.


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