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Does Nataraja dance on mushroom clouds?


“Now I am become Death, Destroyer of worlds.”the Bhagavad Gita and Robert Oppenheimer

Logic and language have their limits. For one, they seem inherently linear and dualistic. They imply that ‘things’ are separate entities that can be placed in categories and described in a one-dimensional process with a beginning, middle and end. That can lead to reductionism.

Some things seem to defy that descriptive framework; certain altered states, conceptions of non-dualism, infinity or the Void, feelings of aesthetic transcendence, models of consciousness, interpretations of quantum theory … When people run into similar limitations of their language and symbology they’re prone to reach for similar metaphors to try to overcome those limitations. Oceans, webs, dissolution, fractal unfolding, theologies and ontologies of negation … Others reify the metaphors and imagine that they’re all referring to the same thing. Or they discover words they’ve been looking for to allude to their own insights or experiences and assume the writer must be struggling to articulate similar thoughts.

So we get Fritjof Capra, Gary Zukav and Deepak Chopra concluding that quantum science was prefigured by Vedic philosophies, Perrenialists believing all religions and spiritual traditions flow from a single font, psychologists explaining all breakdowns of the ‘self’ with one regressional theory …

I reckon all these things do have something in common. What it is I can’t say. But there’s lots of things I can’t say. That doesn’t make them all the same thing.

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One Comment
  1. Trapped
    In Forms
    Escaping in
    Essence ReLaTinG
    Essence In Forms

    As Others
    Get Trapped
    In Those Forms

    Until They
    Escape In







    Then Sing

    Eat Form



    Feed Others

    Form Until

    They Escape

    To Essence

    And Repeat

    CooKinG ETernal

    Soul Meal







    With What’s
    For Break


    In BreaKinG
    Morn Love
    Stars Breathing💫


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