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What have the Indians ever taught us?


Nothing is a thing.

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  1. I’m told I’m being a bit obscure here, so at the risk of lecturing and denying readers the opportunity to find their own insights in this simple sentence I’m gonna spell out what I think I’m tryna say here.

    I’m referring to what I perceive as a rich vein of Indian thought that has offered the world many gifts. Among them –

    The mathematical concept of zero.

    The panentheistic understanding that we and everything else are manifestations of the divine. We aren’t individuals in an alien universe. We and everything else are reflections of the godhead. There are no separate ‘things’, just the relationships of all to all.

    That the objectification and dialectic of strict dualism is conceptual rather than actual. That by adopting the notion of ‘self’ and ‘other’ you’re already abandoning a vast perspective in favour of a specific form of functionalism.

    I’m not saying India is the only source of these insights, but it seems to me that Indian thinkers are the ones who’ve explored them most thoroughly and developed some of the most effective tools for opening the mind to them.


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