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Goddesses and Gods


The more you learn about someone the less you know about them.
The mystery unfolds and deepens.

From → aphorisms

  1. At Best All
    Our Stories
    Continue to unfold
    Mystically Magically
    Amazing New Colors Flower
    Or Meh..
    Just Black
    And White No
    Thanks to 🧟‍♂️
    Zombie 🧟‍♀️ Life
    Ain’t Going Back
    To the Living Dead like that
    It’s up to
    Us to
    To Bloom in
    Eternal Newer
    Life Colors Seeing Now
    Original Newer Coke Heaven
    Lots of
    BeLieVE iN
    Only Really
    Living Dead
    Does In Large
    Explain 33 Percent
    Core Support for an
    Orange Rotting God
    What A Metaphor for
    Essence Zombie Politics Makes


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