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The auto-autistics


They say we lack a theory of mind.

That’s a bit rich coming from a panel of psychiatrists don’t you think?

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  1. WHere i Live Theory of Mind Is Washed Over By Issues
    Of Theory of Soul… Close to
    80 Percent Still Support
    ‘A Father oF All Lies’
    A ‘Judgement’
    Evidence Sees…


    • My theory of everything is that I know nothing.
      Problem is I don’t even know that.

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      • SMiles Now i don’t have
        To Know my Wife takes
        Care oF All The Know
        Stuff She Willingly
        Inherited All oF IT
        After i ReTired.. Yes
        She Loves Control
        So Much More
        Fun to
        Fly As
        Pan With
        Some Special
        FRiEnDS Too..:)


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