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Self-test routine


Angry? Greedy? Sad? Stupid? Weak? Cruel? Egotistical? Lazy? Impatient? Insensitive? Jealous? Frightened? Arrogant? Dishonest? Inconsiderate?

Yeah, all of that. And more. Another normal day.

But no matter how lame I am; how many things I fail at, how often, in how many different ways; I’m always perfect at one thing. Being me.

Maybe that’s the job that counts.

Ain’t no-one else gonna do it.

From → narcissism

  1. Take care and be prepared for civil liberty crackdowns with covid-19. Lots here in europe


  2. Its best to be yourself…. Many people may hate us, try to change us…. But stick to the plan buddy….

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