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Tonight I attended an introductory lecture into what I hoped wasn’t going to be another load of New Age twaddle. My hopes were dashed in the first five minutes but I stuck it out to avoid seeming impolite.

For the whole ninety minutes or so the guy sitting next to me was dry coughing.

At first I thought “Gee, I hope this isn’t the latest fashion in plague disease”, but on reflection I thought “I hope it is”. We’re all gonna get it, so better to do it now before the Australian winter arrives and the health system collapses I reckon.

Our home affairs minister is leading the way, contracting Covid-19 on his latest US jaunt and promptly bringing it home for the benefit of all Australians. He’s the former Queensland cop who has been tasked with protecting us from dirty, dangerous foreigners by locking them away in disease-ridden offshore hell-holes.

I wonder if he caught it from Trump.

  1. Smiles.. As Always Now Obviously Whether or not Trump has a Virus He is a Dangerous Virus to Health of the Planet We Require..
    Yet This Challenging
    Virus may Send Him
    Out of Dangerous
    Virus Power..;)

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  2. The lesson I attended purports to be a modern form of the Classical Greek Gnostic teachings. That would have been interesting, as would something about the old religious/philosophical traditions of Gnosticism, the Catholic view of the Gnostic heresy or even the ‘Gnosis’ exercises in single pointedness practiced by chaos magicians.

    What it actually is is the usual mish-mash of misapplied terms appropriated from various esoteric traditions, the usual apocryphal quotes misattributed to famous people like Einstein, the usual promises that applying yourself diligently to the course will ‘unlock inner powers’ such as clairvoyance, spiritual healing and the capacity to astral travel to Mars, some basic relaxation exercises that they call ‘meditation’ and a load of non sequiturs that supposedly demonstrate their ideas have a rational basis.

    And the Classical Greek tradition?

    Well, they repurposed part of the Prometheus myth into an endorsement of their own teachings and informed us that the Temple of the Oracle had the words “nosce te ipsum” (“thine own self know”) written above the entrance.

    There’s accounts that the Temple had “know thyself” written in the courtyard but I doubt it was in Latin, due to the Classical Greeks speaking Classical Greek. OTOH, the character of The Oracle in the Matrix movies had “know thyself” written in Latin above her doorway.


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