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Dark humour


Tickling ribs by twisting the blade.

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  1. Hey, dunno where you are in Australia but I hope you are safe ! Best wishes, Phoebe Sparrow Wagner

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    • Thank you.

      I’m in suburban Newcastle so I’ve been spared the flames if not the smoke. But as it happens I live right next to one of the filthy diesel rail lines that carry endless streams of uncovered ground coal out to the port, where it goes all over the world to create the conditions driving the bushfire risk. So the air quality was already pretty fucking bad around here and the bushfires don’t make it very much worse.

      But a lot of my immediate family are in the thick of it and some have been fighting fires almost non-stop since early November. They’re all OK with only minor property damage so far, but their communities have been devastated and they lost a friend to the flames. And there’s still no end in sight.


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