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I yam what I … hang on


“Sincerity itself is bullshit”
from On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt

When you hear me saying I’m an aspie or a warrior or a hypocrite or a storyteller or an arsehole or a man you can be pretty sure I’m spouting bullshit again, because in that moment at least it’s conceited nonsense.

It doesn’t mean it’s not a sincere expression of the silly historical exhibit in my head that I sometimes mistake for myself. Just that it’s not me. Because right now it’s the objectified, alienated, essentialised bits that aren’t me. I’m the one regarding them, weighing them, labeling them, judging them from my lofty external perch.

I’m doing that to you too, you know.

I’m such an arsehole.

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One Comment
  1. Scarlett permalink

    No one who can spell arsehole is, IMHO


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