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Did I say that?


“Unlike my friend, I have been a danger to myself. For much of my life. But I’ve never felt able to seek professional help for fear I’d be throwing away my medical, physical and mental autonomy. I couldn’t see how that fitted into my healing. They say it’s a symptom, but I’m not so sure. I like to think there’s something of me that isn’t a symptom.”

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  1. Scarlett permalink

    I was prodded, many times, some professionals helped most didn’t it. I think everyone is different, if it works for you then you go.

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    • And if you’re a large, non-white, working class male it’s not too likely to work. As soon as you scare someone you’re “a danger to yourself or others” and you’re under a pile of burly psych nurses getting therapy shoved into your arse,

      That’s if a team of mental health first responders don’t come to deliver services with their service weapons.

      Or you might get lucky. You may bore them so much they’ll just write a script for something that’s likely to more than double your suicidality risk and send you on your way with little to no information about side-effects or withdrawal.

      Fortunately for me I don’t need that sort of help now. And fortunately when people thought I did I’d already spent enough time in textbooks and journals and at clinics and industry conferences to know what’s on offer and avoid it.

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      • Scarlett permalink

        That’s quite an escape, from what I’ve seen you’re very fortunate. I hadn’t thought about the burly guy, there’s a scenario where it’s better to be small and non-threatening.

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        • It doesn’t always help to be non-threatening. This is from our casework. Unfortunately it wasn’t the ‘happy ending’ we’d thought it was at the time.

          Kerry recently tried to get help for trauma following a nasty assault upon her and when hospital staff saw her medical history they tried to put her back on antipsychotics, despite the fact she has SNPs on her CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 genes that mean she can’t properly metabolise the drugs and they’re especially toxic to her. When she tried to refuse the drugs they made her admission involuntary and forced her to take them. She’s now back on a CTO.

          I won’t go into the details of this week’s farcical MHRT hearing that’s endorsed her ongoing chemical abuse beyond noting that she wasn’t allowed to choose a lawyer – he was appointed by the tribunal – nor to submit reports from her current psychiatrist because “he’s against antipsychotic drug use”. Nor was she allowed to see the files the decision to drug her was based upon (i.e. her own medical records). The MHRT is a star chamber.

          We’ll get her out of it again but it’s going to take time and in the meantime her health is being degraded and her rights shat all over.

          And of course you read Phoebe Sparrow Wagner’s blog. Does she seem threatening to you?

          Historically women have always suffered a disproportionate amount of psychiatric abuse.


        • Scarlett permalink

          That’s truly horrible, yeah Pheobie’s blog is also quite terrifying and makes psychiatry seem more like the Salem witch trials. I’ve had very limited experience in the area but enough to know I want to stay away.


        • A couple of factoids I’ve picked up researching for a submission to the inquiry.

          1. Australia’s rate of electroconvulsive therapy has increased steeply over recent years while the worldwide rate has been declining sharply, mostly due to stricter regulation. Australia now shocks people at many times the rate of comparable countries.
          2. More than 50% of Australian ECT patients are middle aged women with private health insurance.


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