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The Godmother


“There’s no Land but The Land” – from Horses by Patti Smith

I started Just Kids the other day. That prompted a play through of my Patti Smith collection and I was soon scouring the internet to find what she’s been up to lately.
One thing I found was this –

Her best cover since Gloria?
How much added urgency comes from Patti and how much from the times in which we live?

It’s not fair to compare it with the studio version of Midnight Oil’s original. The Oils were always way better on stage than on record. Best of all in a small, crowded pub. Rock’n’roll. I like it like that.

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  1. In case you missed it in the hyperlink above. It’s not to be missed.


    • BTW, as an anti-capitalist Indigenous Australian I say “Bugger the rent”.

      We are not rentiers. The Land cannot be owned. Believing otherwise will sicken you. The Land responds to disease as it must.

      What White Australia owes Indigenous Australia isn’t rent but reparations and criminal compensation. For centuries of slaughter and dispossession. For kidnapping, rape, torture, theft and enslavement. For cultural dismemberment and spiritual mutilation. For incessant, ubiquitous racist abuse at all levels from right across the social, political and institutional spectrums.

      What White Australia really owes us is respect. But even at my most optimistic I can’t imagine an Australia mature enough to pay that one down.

      What price genocide?


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