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Monday morning gunk


“Bhikkhus, all is burning. And what is the all that is burning?” The Buddha

Task 1: Hack up the night’s accumulated plerk from my lungs.
Thanks to the nearby coal line and its old, poorly maintained diesel locos my body remains well ahead of the planetary biosphere destruction curve.

Task 2: Blast away the putrid lumps last night’s sinus medication has dislodged into my nasal cavity.
Damn. Another nosebleed. I’ll have to give the spray a few days break. Stuff some tissue up my nostril to stop the bleeding.

Task 3: Check the bunnies.
Snoozing together in a patch of winter morning sunshine. Too cute. I’m falling back to sleep.

Task 4. Put the coffee on.
I probably need to take a break from caffeine too. But not today.

Task 5. Toilet, wash, brush teeth.
The usual colours and odours in the usual places. No interesting new pains, spasms, cramps or reflux. I won’t bother my doctor or dentist today; hopefully.

Task 6. Clean the rabbit room and give them breakfast.
Fortunately it’s a near automatic routine because I’m yet to have a coffee and there’s bits of me still sleeping.

Task 7. Take in yesterday’s washing and start today’s.
Some of those rags I use in the rabbit room aren’t so much ragged as ethereal.

Task 8. Pour the day’s first coffee.
Which always smells so good. Soon I’ll be awake.

Task 9. Smoke the first bong of the day.
Because it’s just so relaxing. But not when I’ve forgotten there’s tissue paper sticking out of my nose.

Task 10. Frantically beat out flames a centimetre from my face, trying to avoid inhaling hot smoke and burning debris or blowing the tissue from my nostril and setting the house on fire instead.

Turns out I didn’t need coffee to wake me up.

  1. The Buddha evidently knew about a tissue in the nostrils and bong smoke combination!

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