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The APA Meeting: A Photo-Essay — Slate Star Codex


The first thing you notice at the American Psychiatric Association meeting is its size. By conservative estimates, a quarter of the psychiatrists in the United States are packed into a single giant San Francisco convention center, more than 15,000 people. 4,210 more words

via The APA Meeting: A Photo-Essay — Slate Star Codex

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  1. If you’ve come here to comment on what Scott Alexander wrote about ECT, let me save you the trouble. He’s wrong. Unless a brief remission from depression is worth permanent memory loss as well as the risk of chronic pain (esp headaches), stroke, cardiovascular problems and permanent reduction in seizure thresholds and alteration of blood pressure (not an exhaustive list).

    The reason the side effects are so devastating and diverse is because ECT – as with many other historical and contemporary psychiatric treatments – causes brain damage. The therapeutic effects come with the body’s response to neurological insult, which wears off over time.

    Even a stopped Scientologist can be right once a day.

    “Well, what is the sense of ruining my head and erasing my memory, which is my capital, and putting me out of business? It was a brilliant cure but we lost the patient.”
    – Ernest Hemingway on ECT, shortly before his suicide.


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