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Render unto General Dynamics …


“In closing I will again reminisce to my childhood. The F-16 which bombed my country can reach altitudes of 15,000 m, an impressive feat, impersonal to the killing and decades of subsequent suffering it was to inflict below. However — Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim alike will all agree on one thing; even at its peak, the plane still flew well below God and far short of justice. Now, 20 years removed from the tragedy, we must do better.”
Vice President of Montenegro’s 28 June Movement, Milo Dubak, on the 20th anniversary of the illegal NATO bombings of Yugoslavia.

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  1. Thank you for this! I believe radovan Karadic was sentenced to 40 years, essentially a life sentence. Have not heard the outcome of Mladic trial…any conclusions yet?

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    • Can there be conclusions?

      What I don’t understand is how there can be people in the media discussing the ‘pros and cons’ of ‘humanitarian intervention’, ‘responsibility to protect’, ‘surgical strikes’, ‘boots on the ground’, ‘ramped up drone sorties’, … without the whole conversation immediately collapsing into sobbing and screaming along the lines of… “War!! Jesus Fucking Christ! Listen to what we’re talking about! Think about what it does! What it means … God save us all …”.

      Some wounds never heal. Some prices can’t be paid.
      They must be out of their minds.


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