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There’s no leopards like snow leopards …


… and no journalism like snow(-job) journalism.

Not snow leopards.

According to the Guardian, this is a pair of Chinese snow leopards.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they can’t tell a lynx from a leopard. They can’t tell Luke Harding from a journalist either.




I’ve screen capped and Waybacked the ‘leopard’ photo because I expect the Guardian to correct it soon. They made a stupid mistake but it was probably an honest one. I’m not holding my breath waiting for them to correct Harding’s long litany of fake news though. Some things never change their spots.


Postscript (24-Feb-2019): It’s gotta be satire, right? The Guardian is now pitching for donations with this gem of self-delusional self-promotion appended to its reports on the Mueller inquiry.

As the Mueller investigation unfolds … The Guardian offers clarity at this critical moment in American history. As the most momentous political probe since Watergate plays out, we will continue to provide insight, analysis and factual reporting to help bring the truth to light.

In fact the Guardian has been a major source of the blizzard of spin, distortion and outright lies that have characterised mainstream reporting on alleged links between the Kremlin and Trump since they were first aired. They have not only made the compulsive liar Donald Trump look honest by comparison – vindicating some of his vicious attacks on the media and handing him an ideal re-election issue – but have repeatedly smeared Julian Assange and Wikileaks with false reports linking them to the Trump campaign. Even worse is that ‘Russiagate’ has effectively closed down many diplomatic channels between the world’s two major nuclear powers. Any US official making positive overtures towards Moscow is likely to find himself accused in the media of ‘collusion’ or worse.

Whether it’s Trump, conflicts in the middle east, libelling Jeremy Corbyn, attacks on real independent journalism or pretty much anything to do with Russia, it’s become clear there is no place for factual reporting in the Guardian.

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  1. When I say some things can’t change their spots I’m talking about the MSM adherence to the propaganda model. Harding, OTOH, will soon have to find a new career.

    Next week Mueller will be handing down his report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US elections. Contrary to the constant MSM reporting of the past two years he will reveal no solid evidence of such interference. The media will then go into damage control, furiously backpedaling on everything they’ve previously said and pretending they didn’t actually say it.

    Harding, however, has gone way too far out on a limb generating fake anti-Russian, anti-Wikileaks news to airbrush his dishonesty and incompetence away. The Wikileaks lawsuit against Harding’s story about Manafort and Assange will go badly for the Guardian and that will be the excuse they’ll use to cut him loose, in an attempt to paint him as a rogue bad-apple rather than a loyal foot-soldier in the Guardian’s war against fair and accurate foreign affairs reporting.

    Not to worry. I’m sure there’s a lucrative position in some neocon think-tank waiting for him. The Empire looks after its own.


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