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Dribbly wisdom


I’ve knocked down a few walls over the years. In my head.

Now everything runs into everything else and I run wherever I like.

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  1. So how does it feel, after knocking down those walls? What comes after that?


    • I’d like to be able to say it makes it harder to hide from myself, but I probably wouldn’t know so I won’t. Just as well. It would have been pretty trite.

      But maybe in my lifelong search for freedom this is the only sort I’ve ever found. Not freedom from oppression. They’re bigger, stronger and tougher than me and there’s always more ready to take their place. Not freedom from suffering, though maybe from certain kinds of suffering. Not freedom to be or do something. Whatever I find of that can and will be taken away by time.

      But I think tearing down the walls has opened me to the freedom to accept. Others. Myself. What happens and what doesn’t.

      Or is that just apathy?


      • Hm it may be apathy. May be you just don’t want to fight anymore. And when that happens, we feel like we are accepting everything, freedom to accept you know. But what do i know, i am like you too, in search for answers.


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