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Bullshit detector


“People with autism may be less subject to herd thinking, and more able to take original perspectives.”Francesca Happé

Us aspies can’t ‘hear’ your non-verbal communication. That’s a big part of how we’re defective, deficient and disabled. It’s why you’re better than us.

So I hope I’m not disturbing anyone’s snug, smug neurotypical dream by letting on that it ain’t necessarily so.

We can hear what you’re not saying alright. Loud and clear. It just might not be what you want us to hear.

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  1. Lisa permalink

    That doesn’t make you defective, it makes you super. I get sucked in to peoples bullshit because I have a hard time believing anyone is dishonest…over and over again

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    • That’s my little sister, folks. Sayin’ I’m not defective then pretending she doesn’t get dishonesty. As a wise man once said, “Love makes you do funny things.”


    • More seriously though, I wrote Measuring my dick because I don’t know whether I’m more often told I’m super-normal or sub-normal – for essentially the same reasons.


    • I get sucked in to peoples bullshit because I have a hard time believing anyone is dishonest

      I don’t have problems getting that people are dishonest. I’m one of them. But why do so many people lie so badly despite loads of practice? It’s like they think you’re gonna swallow transparent nonsense if they only say it the right way. If you’re faking your voice, faking your expression and faking your body language how can you expect me to believe your words?

      Often I just don’t know how to take it? Do they think I’m stupid enough to believe? Do they think I’m intimidated enough to pretend? Do they think they’re supposed to spout rubbish because that’s what they see on TV all the time?

      Sometimes it seems to be a loyalty thing. “Either you go along with the bullshit or you’ve outed yourself as the enemy.” Yet it often comes from people who don’t seem to value personal loyalty much, though they can be keenly aware of ‘in’ and ‘out’ groups. In cases like that the lie has to be transparent or it doesn’t work as a loyalty test. You would have seen that sort of thing in the Army, Lisa. You get a lot of it in political and religious groups too. So now if someone asks if I’m a ‘joiner’ or a ‘team player’ I say it depends on what the lie is.


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