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Why I’m a lefty


Struggle is inevitable. It’s synonymous with life.

There’s individual struggle. You against the universe. We all have days like that. It can be fun. Or a fucking nightmare.

Sometimes there’s the opportunity for collective struggle. Joining with those whose passions you share to fight for something more meaningful than a paycheck or scoreline. That’s the kind I like.

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  1. Really this post should be ‘Why I’m a collectivist’, but it’s pretty much used interchangeably with ‘leftist’ and isn’t as catchy. I’m not gonna deny that nazis too can revel in collective struggle, even if it’s tempting to believe they’re in it for reasons more selfish (and thuggish) than my own. Indeed, given my temperament I can easily see how a different set of life experiences could have pushed me way out to the right. It’s happened to others I’ve known. There’s even collective struggles that have seen me shoulder-to-shoulder with right wingers (e.g. prison abolition, drug law reform).


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