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Why I don’t like you


Recent Firefox updates (probably in conjunction with my anti-malware stuff) have been progressively decreasing my ability to use the WordPress ‘like’ button. It’s been a problem with customised URL sites (as opposed to * for a while but it’s now blocked for all blogs. After messing with settings for ages I’ve got it to acknowledge my ‘likes’ when I click the button but when I exit the page and come back my like is missing. I have similar problems commenting on some blogs. I’m tired of fiddling with it only to see my tweaking neutralised by further updates so I’m giving up on it for now.

So if I’m not ‘liking’ your posts it might be because I can’t. Or because they suck.

(P.S. If a WordPress techie or someone who reads their support pages more diligently than I can point me to a few clues I’d appreciate some URLs in the comments. Don’t forget, one link per comment. Akismet and I don’t always get on either.)

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  1. Yes, that’s happening to me! I thouight it was because I was a newb. Probably still am, but thanks for the comforting info, that I might not actually be so newby this time.Great post.

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    • My problems are mostly of my own devising. I’ve been slowly accumulating various apps, plug-ins, security settings etc over the years that have tended to become redundant as their functions are slowly added to my browser, firewall, etc as updates. They’ve also increasingly come into conflict with each other and prone to block things in weird and mysterious ways that can be tricky to pin down.

      Basically it’s grown to the point where it’s too complicated for me to understand and I need to rip it back to basics and start from scratch. But that’s work and requires a bit of diligence and attention to detail if I don’t wanna screw my security. So it ain’t happenin’ in a hurry.

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