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Why non-dualism?


No reason of course. Any Zen master could have told you that. Or is it something to do with enlightenment, relief of suffering, escape from the cycle of death and rebirth or even Truth or Reality Itself? Fucked if I know. Do I sound like some kind of sage?

But what I do know is what my own practice seems to have done for me. Except that it probably wasn’t my practice at all. Good karma. Dumb luck. Self delusion. Brain damage. Take your pick. I reckon they’re equally likely.

It has freed me from suffering. Not from pain or grief or anxiety or fear. You need heroin for that. Or death. What I’m talking about is the agonising existential despair that once gripped me at regular intervals and which I was certain would drive me to suicide when I finally lost the capacity to temporarily distract myself from it.

Because when you see how the very foundations of your notional existence are based on dualistic distinctions that are ultimately arbitrary you realise you have no ‘self’ to defend. You can’t fall into the void because you’re already there.

It’s very liberating you know. At least if you’ve spent half a century crushed under the sort of notions I was harbouring. “Me against everything” is kinda funny when you realise you are everything.

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