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Kids today ain’t getting raised proper. And they never were.

It goes without saying that more physical punishment is needed, though we like to say it rather a lot anyway. A good thrashing teaches your little one that might is right, that violence is an appropriate mode of instruction, to avoid getting caught and to hide the utter contempt she feels towards you. Precisely the qualities needed to take a productive and functional role in the society that sort of child rearing has produced.

But maybe the real mistake goes back further than contemporary squeamishness about beating virtue into your offspring. Maybe, just once in her life, Hillary got it right. Maybe it does take a village. Maybe the nuclear family supplemented with various agencies, public services and must-have commercial products will never be an adequate substitute for the diversity of nurturing and role models provided by the pre-agricultural humanoid tribal groups that spent millions of years making homo sapiens the sort of man he is today.

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  1. Thought I’d better give some more examples of the sort of pop Jeremy Oxley can produce when his mind sets him to it. Stay happy Jezza.

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