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Diplomatic sources


Bravo Guardian! Over two thousand words on the history of US embassies from the 1960s onward without a single recourse to such unpleasant terms as ‘imperialism’ or ‘coup’. Even espionage is only mentioned as an allegation those dastardly Iranian hostage takers made about activities in the Tehran embassy. They would say that, wouldn’t they?

Instead we learn of the long suffering endurance of passive US diplomatic staff in the face of protests, terrorist attacks, murders, kidnappings, military actions and political intrigue. No discussion of possible reasons US embassies might have been targeted is necessary. The answer is obvious. Bad People.

But why does the word ‘Cablegate‘ keep popping into my head when I contemplate the history of US embassies? Am I confusing it with an Ecuadorian embassy somewhere? Something to do with … oops, down the memory hole it goes. Couldn’t have been important. Otherwise our intrepid Guardian reporter would surely have covered it.

When is fake news not fake news?
When it isn’t news at all.

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