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Why is Hinduism like an Indian railway carriage?


33 million Gods, but there’s always room for one more.

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  1. “33 Million Gods, but tHeRe’s alWays
    RooM for one more” true Indian
    religion has more
    than one
    than colors
    more has religion
    IndianTrue more one for room
    always there’s but God Million 33 More..
    perHaps iT iS A RatHeR pollYannisH VieW
    FoR SeNSinG and FeeLinG aLL dARk
    Abyss THrouGH sHaDes oF
    Grey Beyond all Colors
    of Rainbow too as
    Holy and
    Life aS
    is NoW
    Makes good at lEast
    for me for through Alpha
    and Omega beyond Human
    Abstract Construct Symbols IS A
    reaLiTy oF FeeL anD SenSE NoW
    FoR iT WiLL Be FooLisH NoT To liVE
    NoW aS DRoPS aS WaVes OCeaN WhOLE NoW aLiVE
    Sure.. iN Physics
    talk particles
    and waves
    A Field oF DreAMSoNE..
    in other words the Kingdom of Heaven
    is alive and WeLL WiTHiN heAR mELTiNG PoT oF LoVE..:)


  2. Umm, maybe we could spin it around . The Indian railways is like Hinduism. Can be extended to other spheres of life too, coming to think of it. There’s always room for one more.


  3. philophobicilluminato permalink

    There is no concept of 33 million Gods in Hinduism.
    Please go through: Demystifying Hinduism – 330 Million Gods!


  4. Hinduism says ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, God lives inside you. It gives space for all. Teaches to see god in every creation of the almighty. “Thathvamasi” says, Brahman is your soul’s soul.


  5. Hinduism says ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, God lives inside you. It gives space for all. Teaches to see god in every creation of the almighty. “Thathvamasi”, Brahman is your soul’s soul. But the funniest thing is other religions are slowly in the race. Each year the number of saints declared and worship places for them are increasing.


    • What this post is really about is that wherever I went in India it seemed I wasn’t just welcomed, but there was a place waiting for me and I’d fit straight in. Whether it was a ritual or a cultural event or a friendship group or one gathered around a teacher my presence felt natural and unquestioned.

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      • Hi … sorry to know you felt as you were not welcomed. But just be yourself and enjoy the nature as such. God has created with lots of variations so the people and places. The karma pays.

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        • I was unclear.

          I never felt unwelcome in India; else I wouldn’t have spent over four years there (including over 8 months in Travancore where I felt particularly at home). Sometimes I felt too welcomed ;).

          But India offers more than welcome. It offers place. Call it varna or dharma or prejudice or love. I guess that depends where you’re standing. But everyone understands you’re where you belong. How else would you have got there?


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