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fossil fuel


power from the dead
necromancy takes its toll
entropical storms

From → haiku, poetry

  1. uncaged permalink

    Entropy is just one big fucking storm. The dead could probably give a shit.
    Sorry. I am angry, and I’m taking it out on your post. You’re a super nice guy, but I figured you’d get it somehow. The anger part. I need the empathy. (That probably came out wrong. I mean it in a sincere way, not a sarcastic one.)
    I like the post.


    • I’m aspie. I do compassion but not empathy.

      Last night I had a dream about grave-robbing in a storm (not me, some Victorian gothic style doctors). When I woke up I started thinking about the one-two punch your country just got and it occurred to me that digging/drilling fossil fuel was a kind of grave-robbing. The haiku popped into my head during my first coffee, along with the word ‘entropical’.

      I don’t like it much as a haiku to be honest. But the wordplay and mixed imagery appealed so I blogged it.

      The first haiku I blogged was also inspired by a disaster in Texas. I hope this isn’t becoming a habit.

      Dunno how it looks from where you’re sitting but over here we’re being told US climate change deniers are just doubling down on delusion in the face of Harvey and Irma.


      • uncaged permalink

        Help me understand, because don’t know and I need and want to. Given that you have aspergers, do you understand how another person with aspergers feels when that other person describes a feeling or sensation that you have also felt or sensed?
        It’s the bipolar part I was referring to with the empathy, but what you wrote brings up a question I’ve never thought of.

        I’m here in Houston, and it’s awful. I didn’t get flooded, but people I know did. A neighborhood I used to live in was underwater.
        It’s scary and horrific.

        The Earth is most certainly not happy.

        I love Haikus. But I love wordplay more. So this is pretty great.


        • This one’s going to take some thought and I’ve got a plane to catch.

          The short answer, as I discovered the hard way when I had an aspie girlfriend, is no.

          Back on Tuesday and I’ll try to answer properly then.


        • uncaged permalink

          Be safe


        • Sometimes I meet aspies who share one or more of my geeky obsessions and that can seem like an incredibly rare experience of someone being on my own wavelength – even if we disagree vehemently about our shared obsession. But drift off those topics and it doesn’t take long to run up against a mutual incomprehension which can seem worse than when trying to communicate with neurotypicals (probably because of the contrast to the narrow subject areas in which we do communicate well).

          There’s a lot of talk about aspies and empathy, but from where I sit the its main feature isn’t lack of empathy but inability (and disinclination) to understand non-verbal cues and subtext in conversations. Unlike many aspies I’m OK with things like irony and sarcasm but I rarely pick up on social conventions that contradict spoken dialogue (e.g. insincere praise or promises made as a courtesy that were never intended to be honoured). The way it feels from here is that many people are compulsively dishonest. My understanding is that most aspies put a premium on honest speech. I know I do.

          Getting back to the empathy stuff, it’s not just that I don’t get much sense of what others are feeling and that I know they don’t know what I’m feeling, it’s also that I don’t believe they actually know what each other are feeling. I think empathy is a form of self-delusion akin to projection. I see others get completely wrong ideas about my feelings all the time and I also know that cross-cultural empathy is notoriously unreliable. I think aspies are bad with social convention and that empathy is really just a social convention. People talk as if they understand the feelings of others and generally seem to believe it’s true, but they’re kidding themselves. The actual results of social interactions tell me that the other person is really a profound mystery – even in cases such as between long married couples. ‘Empathy’ is really an unconscious trained response to non-verbal cues that people mistake for insight into someone else’s feelings. Good actors probably know that, as do salespeople and other con-artists. It has obvious evolutionary advantages for social animals but I don’t think it’s grounded in reality.

          In other words, I think neurotypicals are kidding themselves and aspies are less delusional than they are.


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