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Monika and the harbour (the house part 4)


Sydney Harbour at night from Milsons Point

The first was with Monika. I’ve been told I’ve taken mescaline maybe four or five times. None of the sources are reliable. Maybe I never have. The maniacal German girl was the first to tell me otherwise, just after I swallowed a large pinch of orange-pink granules escaped from a burst bubble sheet of doses secreted in her luggage.

I dunno, it’s all acid to me. Whatever the power in her powders the magic was Monika. We swept through the harbour city with beginners’ eyes. In dark suburban parks. In bobbing ferries beneath enormous illumined ships. On headlands staring out to the ocean, back to the sprawl. Smog sunsets over industrial wasteland. Tiny possums peering from their mothers’ fur. Light on water everywhere.

It’s good to have a guest show you the beauty of your home.


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