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Me and mine


I stand at the centre of a vast expanse of sand, as far as the eye can see. I hold a stick.

The landscape is immense. Beyond comprehension. I’m a speck in danger of being overwhelmed. Of losing all significance. Of ceasing to exist.

I wield my stick. I draw a line.

Everything on this side is mine. It is part of me. I am no longer a speck. I too have become vast. I matter.

There’s still an awful lot on the other side though. Maybe more than on mine. As I watch some sand is blown from my side to that of The Other. It’s absorbing me! I’m draining away! Some sand blows from the Other side to mine. I’m being invaded! Overrun! Defiled! The terror of extinction comes flooding back.

I peer around furtively. No-one is watching. I erase the line and draw a new one a few paces forward. I have grown. I have pushed back the void. My path becomes clear.

By progressively moving the line I become greater. More powerful. More real. Eventually all will be mine. I will have defeated oblivion. Complete appropriation. Unity via annexation.

But I live on a globe.

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