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The Iron Dream


Apparently putting their boots on the faces of everyone on Earth is no longer enough for the US. Vice President Mike Pence says Trump will soon “put American boots on the face of Mars”. Orwell may not have anticipated it, but Hawkwind did.

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  1. Do I think Pence was consciously invoking Orwell’s totalitarian imagery to rally the faithful behind a vision of planet-spanning US supremacy?
    Nope. I doubt he was even aware of the famous quote.

    Do I think the convergence of Pence’s and Orwell’s metaphors was coincidental?
    No. When you consider the number of ways Pence could have described a manned US expedition to Mars it seems way beyond mere coincidence that he lit upon that one.

    Orwell’s image of a boot coming down on a human face is dystopian only if you identify with the face. If you identify with the boot it’s triumphalist; which is precisely the tone Pence was trying to set.

    To Pence and his ilk not merely conquering others, but breaking and humiliating them, is one of the nobler aspirations of the human spirit. You can see the same sentiment reflected in the culture wars that rage across the internet and mass media. What the Trump presidency lacks in substance and achievement it makes up for by acting as a standard bearer for those don’t merely seek to overcome perceived obstacles, but debase and crush them.


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