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Uninspiration #6


Ideology is for papering over uncertainty and ignorance.

The only true isms are prisms, jism and TISM.

From → aphorisms

  1. I also don’t have anything against tropism, botulism (unless I happened to acquire it) or any organism that engages in tropism…

    Best wishes!


    PS Aphorisms also come in handy at times…


    • Gotta admit that organisms, botulism and the various tropisms had slipped my mind, but it was thinking about truisms and aphorisms as micro-ideologies that originally prompted the post. The self-reference of an aphorism rubbishing aphorisms was too delicious to pass up. I included aphorism in the tag list in case I was being too obscure.

      My original exception list also included schisms, but I preferred the parsing of a three item list so dropped it.

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  2. Sex Pistols, Kraftwerk and Sigue Sigue Sputnik are coming to mind. Prisms remind me of Pink Floyd. Jism is a tasty snack (according to the Urban Dictionary) and Tism is simply wonderful.


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