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The one perfect moment perfecting all leading to it and all flowing from it.

Not the world in a grain of sand but the universe as a gem.

Everything implies everything meaning only itself.

Here. Now.


From → mysticism

  1. Okay, maybe I am not very deep but I confess I do not “see”…Alas, the poem is a bit obscure for me. As a poet myself I go for clarity over “deep” most of the time. Or let “deep” develop on its own. Much more important is that any poem convey concrete sensory images that I can feel, see, taste and touch and smell, and that those carry any meaning…I don’t want to be TOLD what the poem is about, I want to be shown “a story” and feel it and find the significance out for myself.

    That is the difference between telling and showing, that great and true advice given all writers but understood by so few. Truly, it is easy to tell the reader what you want them to know, using abstracts, but to show it so they experience it for themselves is the difference between giving people fish and chips, and teaching them how to bait a hook and go fishing for dinner for themselves. The second is far more valuable and meaningful in the end. And far more enjoyable too. And the second also has a lasting effect that the first rarely does. It is active as opposed to passive.

    Anyhow, end of lecture but if you want to learn about writing poetry, and I know you sometimes feel stymied in this, I highly recommend Mary Oliver’s short but lovely book “A POETRY HANDBOOK” which explains in very concise but easy to understand language what a poem is and does and why…and just why a good poem works (and by extension why others might not.)

    I offer my apologies in advance if all of this is never-wanted and useless advice…Discard my comment and un-post if so. No offense intended…

    Best wishes.


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    • I never thought of this post as a poem. It was just an outburst from the afterglow of a spiritual experience, hence the tag and category. If you click on ‘poetry’ in the tag cloud or select it from the pull down categories list you’ll see what I consider to be my poems.

      I appreciate your advice though Pam. It’s not something I could generally apply to my poems as they just tumble into my head unbidden and complete (though I often do some minor editing for meter or shuffle or discard stanzas in the longer ones). There’s no agenda to them and no attempt to show or tell anything. However I think your advice is eminently applicable to some of my other writing and I’ll be trying to keep it in mind.

      I hope I haven’t given you the impression that because I know my poetry is rubbish that I want to improve it. I don’t really even ‘own’ it. It’s more like a variant manifestation of the voices.

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  2. Is that one perfect moment that makes the rest of the moments in life perfect really perfect ? or do we have to think it as perfect?

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    • When it comes for you you’ll know it’s perfect.

      And the reason it perfects all the rest is because they all flow to and from it. You realise that your most anguished experience, most despised enemy, most unrelenting despair, as well as all the good and indifferent times, are all part of the mosaic around that one point of pure perfection, and so are perfect in their own way. And you realise that everything is and has always been perfect. Even you.

      There’s nothing but God, Lala. Nothing but God.


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