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Judge not lest …


“And the courts gave them justice, as justice is given by well-mannered thugs.”
– from No Time For Love by Jack Warshaw.

I just read through my first trial judgement on AUSTLII for over a decade. God. I’d forgotten how pompous and self-indulgent they can be.

The majesty of the law is a medieval sham. Camp acting in bad costumes. And the judiciary knows how hollow its authority is and tries way too hard to bluff it out.

The archetype dates from an era when to be able to write your own name was probably to be over-educated and judges still pretend they’re far wiser, more knowledgeable and more cultured than the rest of us. Some, such as Michael Kirby, can almost pull it off, so long as you don’t listen to what they’re saying. Otherwise you’ll notice its just pub wank, but with formally correct grammar, legal precedents and the odd gratuitous classical reference thrown in.

And it goes on and on. Those guys can make the judgement seem longer than the sentence.

If you look under horsehair expect to find a horse’s arse.

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  1. “If you look under horsehair expect to find a horse’s arse.” Hear hear!

    Thanks for the commentary at Wagblog…I appreciate your interest. Apologies for my steam!!! Cheers, Pam


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