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A meal of meat


 The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass … – Isaiah 40:6

I scrupulously wipe the final gobbet of flesh from the plate, lifting it to my mouth with an index finger, rolling it slowly across my palate, savouring the last delicious morsel before consigning it to the enzymes and acids of my gullet.

At what point does it become part of me? This miracle of biological process. This relay baton of life. Passed first from the sun to the green leaf of a plant. Packed into a grain in the forlorn hope of reproduction. Absorbed into the body of a battery hen where it is broken down and rearranged into new protein, different DNA. Now feeding my gut flora even as it releases nutrients through my digestive membranes and into my blood. Soon that sunshine will be captured by my own cells. My muscle, my fat, my neurons. Is its energy already flowing from my fingertips into these words? Has some of it now become part of you?

And what of the suffering that has been transmuted into my pleasure? Could the chicken have enjoyed eating the grain as I enjoyed eating it? A bird born and bred to be consumed, living its stunted life alone in a tiny cage even as its ancient genes cry out for forest and flock. Could it have known elation and despair? Yearning for something that was not to be? Or just a grim, grey emptiness that could only find relief in the terror of the slaughterhouse. How much misery in that tasty mouthful?

To live is to suffer. To live is to inflict suffering. Even in the midst of pleasure.

I roll the words around my mouth like pieces of well cooked corpse.
Carnage. Carnal. Carnivore.

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  1. Reblogged this on Jennifer Buergermeister and commented:
    Irony. I was JUST thinking about this exact thing while driving this morning. Such a beautiful synchronicity. Now I feel like I know you! 🙂


  2. sMiLes.. My FriEnd.. Cabrogal..
    first oF all.. to get the empathy and
    compassion paRt out of the way.. now..
    yes.. nice to you see you blogging again
    after around 5 months.. hope you
    are doing well.. Oh.. the Asperger’s..
    now.. back to what your blog post..
    post inspireS in me now..
    as EW=F.. Emotions
    times Words=Force…
    Words that inspire
    E M O T i O N S
    make change..
    in terms of
    H U M A N
    and Creativity..
    Give and take.. we give
    and take in terms of Energy..
    And when we enslave other species
    and domesticate them as is the plight
    of the Chicken in the walls of grey prisons
    we really FucK uP.. per se.. as we domesticate
    ourselves.. and perHapS.. end up using Super-Walmart
    carts to move our Fried Chicken eating bodies instead
    of Free Ranging the lands of FoRaging in Hunting and
    Gathering in the bliss that comes with miNd and BoDy
    Balance.. as to be domesticated is to lose one’s BoDy
    and miNd in the process in Human way too.. OFTen..
    iN Dysregulation oF Emotions and
    Disintegration of senses
    from the time we sit
    in school to
    small work
    now to get the
    all you can eat fats
    and sugars that oh.. feel
    so.. so good.. for an animal
    wHo is hUman who is evolved
    for Intermittent Gratification and
    not the instant gratification that comes
    from the Human who has lost the call of
    the wild.. no different than the wolf-dog from
    that Jack London Book.. To no longer have
    a luSt for the HUnt of liFe.. yeS.. in all the ways
    that comes.. is to die a chicken’s life in a slow
    torture of a grey walled prison that truly most
    humans today are no more aware of than
    the chicken with his/her free grains in her
    or his chicken/human grey cAge.. anyWay..
    the Good news is..
    iF wE understand
    that we too
    are born to
    be wild..
    we do something about it.. now.. all nows..
    and that my friend is why.. pArtLY.. every Thursday
    Night now.. i make it a religious ceremony.. at age 56
    to Dance Wildly and oh God.. full of lust/love with women
    whose hips and breasts taste of the reproduction of liFe..
    always out of my grasp of course.. as a happily married
    man who FucKinG hasn’t forgot his Wild thing and uses
    the science of his human nature to keep the productivity
    and creativity going ..oh God…so strong the day after dance…
    As you may remember.. Aleister Crowley was all in to this
    thing called sex magic and sure.. sex magic
    wasn’t well understood from a scientific
    point of view then.. as it wasn’t then
    something that was appropriate
    to study.. Queen Victoria
    and all of that.. you know..
    but science shows now
    that a balance
    of lust and
    love is at
    the core sTilL of
    human productivity
    and creativity.. so sure..
    enhance the lust part of
    life without having the instant
    gratification for it.. in other words..
    the hUnt of liFe iNstead of visiting a
    brothel.. makes the Karma of action
    and consequence always of human libido
    where LL=P+C.. yes.. Lust times Love
    equals Productivity plus Creativity
    and of course when that comes
    in a positive way.. the science
    of Karma says the positive
    come in more
    than one
    way.. now
    and to make
    it into an instant
    gratification game
    of the domesticated all
    one can eat grains chicken..
    or the domesticated all you
    can eat Fried Chicken or the
    Domesticated all you can do
    porn.. is to shoot oneself in
    the chicken’s foot.. also
    iT caN bE to understand
    our Natures
    in LiVinG iN
    NoW giving
    as much noW
    as taking and for
    humans with their
    cognitive reasoning
    discipline with a healthy
    mix of empathy and compassion..
    and no.. don’t forget the hunt for life
    in Moving.. Connecting and Creating that
    for human spells a Balance of lust and love
    in life.. and yes.. killing animals reduces empathy
    and compassion for flesh and blood all around..
    that is one part of domestication.. i care not to
    change.. as it is my empathy and compassion
    in terms of love.. that makes me a gentleman
    no matter how much the blood sinks
    to the lower part of
    my body
    in the
    free range
    dance of life..
    but i have to admit
    when the sexiest breasts..
    and hips move before me even
    when they are my long term dance
    friendS it can be a little hard to do this..
    a balance though.. in the luSt and loVe of liFe in this
    case giVing much more than taKing makes liFe fUn..
    @least to me.. and all i know/feel is.. the girls are smiling..
    a LoT so they must be enjoYiNg it a little bit too.. @ least… NoW
    bottom line.. iS..
    to lose the
    Libido for
    the hunt of life
    is to die aS iN life.. no
    matter iF iT is a chicken
    or a human who has lost
    tHeir free range of MoVinG
    CoNecTinG and CreAtinG..
    beHind desks and cubicles ..
    mY FriEnd.. oh to live.. FREE..
    tHeRe’s noThing liKe iT..
    in animal terms..
    oF humans sAMe as
    chickens for the most pArt..
    are most definitely SLAVES…
    NEO.. sAdly sees and feels tHeir
    pain most everywhere he goes..
    except for the active danCeRs/SinGeRs in
    the hAlls of Free Range HUman LiFe..
    for those who don’t drink..
    and pretty much
    NEO.. now
    My FriEnd..
    to watcH as the
    others slaveS to their addictions..
    to instant gratification in all
    the ways that comes
    in behavioral
    and substance
    priSons aS well..
    i’M addicted to lUst
    and loVe but in BaLanCinG..
    my friEnd.. FOR FREEsT LIfE..
    as NEO SinGS and DanceS on
    and aS alWays.. thanks
    for the
    DS=a lot of words..2..
    DANCE times SOnG..
    and no.. ‘the word’ didn’t come
    first.. always dance then song..
    and whatever comes after Movement
    then Sound.. MS equals all that is and GOD.. sAMe..
    and perHaps
    distance.. space
    and time is all illusion..
    is Real too..
    SeriouSly.. my friEnd(s)
    last night.. who was/were the
    sexiest wom(e)an(S) in a cRoWd
    of hundreds of girls.. at least then
    from what i could see and feel with
    shadeS on.. probably had no idea
    how much she(they) would inspire all of this.. (LL=P+C) the next
    day.. the advantage my friend.. oF ALwAYS GoinG.. hoMe.. ALLONE..
    And SinGinG WiTh
    ALL that is iN BaLanCinG
    ForCE.. NoW.. AKA GOD..:)


  3. Is it better to be a vegetarian then? This way You won’t have to worry about the chicken slaughter in the process of providing you food 🙂


    • Maybe it is. But it’s not for me. I like meat.

      I could go on about humans beings evolving for omnivorous diets and the problems with getting sufficient iron, B12 and B6 in a vegetarian diet. Or the fact that an ecologically balanced farm would produce small amounts of meat along with the vegies (though far less meat, proportionately, than most Westerners have in their diets). But all of that would be the same sort of lame arguments vegetarians use to justify their own diets.

      The bottom line is no matter what you eat, wear, drive, own or do you’re causing death and suffering. There’s probably consequentialist arguments to be made for lifestyle choices that may (or may not) minimise your impact on those you share the planet with, but I ain’t a consequentialist.

      Mostly I think it’s important to be as aware as possible of how every act ripples out from you and effects everything else and to try to follow your heart as informed by that awareness. Sometimes we can see obvious consequences of our potential acts we would want to avoid but mostly we can’t begin to understand the full impact of what we do.

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      • If you did know the consequences, and/or the “pre-quences” so to speak, would you avoid acting in a certain fashion? Would it make any difference? Are thinking people – and I use the term advisedly because I do believe that not all folks use their noggins in the same way or care to — somehow less free to act (or just as free or even more free) because they are “in the know” about such consequences? These are just some of the questions that arise for me. It may be that you like eating meat, andante more power to you. I agree humans are omnivorous.

        Frankly I LOVE the taste of meat. I also love animals. On a more, shall we say, um, abstract level, I do not know them very well, insofar as I have not personally taken care of many more than a cat or dog (I know a fair amount about tropical fish, and some birds etc, but no, I have not been fortunate enough in my life to have farmed animals or otherwise gotten down and dirty with them). On the other hand, I care about any being that has a nervous system that responds to pain and other stimuli, and yes, this extends to some extent to plants. But if I thought about that too overly, I would starve, wouldn’t I? (I think I might)…So I don’t eat animals, at this point at any rate, making a political statement until all animals are granted the right to live in healthy and decent environments for their span of life…whatever it is.

        I am NOT at all against killing animals for food, don’t get me wrong. If you went out and hunted a deer or some overly populous wild — something or other, I would gladly indulge my bloodlust and hunger for MEAT…But to eat that dead cow or pig that has suffered all its life chained to a post or knee deep in its own shit, that seems to me to be the definition of obscene, for me, at any rate. No, I could not tell if it had been happy and frolicking in the woods or chained up all its life, I could not tell by the taste of its meat, I am not psychic etc but that is why I abstain.

        Until I KNOW that all animals are treated well, and live happy enough lives, and are humanely killed, as they would be enough in the wild, or at least have the chance of it, I remain a vegetarian by choice and politics only. I don’t pretend it is a natural way to be, it is just my protest stance. And I would never ask others to take a similar one if it did not suit them.


        • If you did know the consequences, and/or the “pre-quences” so to speak, would you avoid acting in a certain fashion?

          Boy, doesn’t that question open a can of worms? Or, rather the whole universe of existence. But I guess any real question, properly considered, does that.

          To answer it to the best of my ability I’d need at least a whole blogpost – if not a whole book. It raises all sorts of subsidiary questions about the reality and limits of free will, the nature of cause and effect, the concept and practice of morality, the limits of empathy and compassion, etc, etc.

          The trite answer would be “Yes”. Different knowledge implies different circumstances and demands a different response. But to have anything like complete knowledge of causes and effects relating to even the most trivial decision would suggest godlike powers that are beyond my comprehension. I’d be a completely different kind of being. So I can’t begin to imagine what form my response would take. That’s one reason I think consequentialist moral codes such as utilitarianism are staggeringly hubristic and conceptually bankrupt.

          But yeah, if I were to go veggie or vegan it would be as a political statement directed at the livestock industry. Not because I believed it would somehow reduce the sum of suffering in the world. And certainly not because I think it would make me a more moral person.


    • BTW, readers of this blog will know I love rabbits and keep them as house-pets.
      I’ve also eaten a lot them.

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    For excesses of spirit,
    when the body walks away
    without you, and you
    discern the auroral mist
    your favorite vegetables give off
    so that you can’t eat
    what feels too much like friends,
    for body/mind disjunctions
    springing you free of the world
    before you’ve had enough,
    for these and other dis-eases
    irreconcilable with the life of the body:

    Buy the biggest steak you can find,
    the slab most resembling a body part,
    and eat as much as you can, eat
    until the matter of your body
    matters and you think not
    of the rarified ether
    of higher mathematics,
    but of the heavy visceral sleep
    digestion demands, how what rises
    needs also to fall, enthralled
    by gravity and the bodily truths
    flesh insists upon: that not everything
    can be taken on faith,
    that the world’s solid facts
    are all nouns that name the gore,
    body and soul, all
    we can ever be sure of.

    By Pamela Spiro Wagner in WE MAD CLIMB SHAKY LADDERS (CavanKerry Press, 2009)

    Just thought you might enjoy my take on the subject! Cheers


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    • Yeah, I do like your take on it. A lot. Corporeal embodiment seems most strongly anchored in the gut, don’t you think?

      Did you know that a commenter on my blog sent me your poem When I lose you without knowing that I follow your blog – or even that you blog at all?


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