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Yeah, I’ve smoked it.

I’ve smoked it in my teens and in my twenties. My thirties, forties and fifties.

I’ve smoked it in bongs and in joints. In hash pipes and chillums. Through a pen cartridge from hot knives.

I’ve smoked it from Nepal and Afghanistan. From Lebanon and Cambodia. From Mullumbimby and from my own backyard.

I’ve smoked it in Australia and India. Thailand, Laos and Sri Lanka. Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore too.

I’ve smoked it with strangers and sadhus. Acquaintances, friends, lovers, lawyers, politicians and police. I’ve smoked it on my own.

I’ve smoked it in ceremony and in celebration. On special occasion. On weekends. Almost daily for years on end.

I’ve just smoked it now.

And I inhaled.

  1. For Fox Sake permalink

    Do I read that with the same reverence and meter as the VB song?


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