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The master plan

Projekt Volkswagen

V1, V2, … VW?

“… and by secretly redirecting poisonous exhaust gases we can eliminate thousands of undesirables.”

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  1. For Fox Sake permalink

    Ooooh!! We’re doing it sixties style are we? Give me a tick so I can grab
    me mum’s old fur coat and a bottle of vodka before I clamber into
    the back of ye olde love bug…..

    Dab some Brut behind your ears so I can follow your vapour trail into
    the La-la-la-light.


    • God knows why they called it The Love Bug. It’s VW, not VD. Besides, you’d have to be a midget contortionist to get up to anything in a Beetle, even if you’re prepared to overlook the fact that Herbie is a Nazi who likes to gas people.

      Speaking of gassing people, you don’t dab Brut 33. You use the spray-can to lay down a toxic cloud around yourself and when your date passes out from the fumes you’re in like Flynn. For a Ted Mulry fan you seem a bit ill-informed about the mating habits of 70s Aussie blokes. Maybe you need to take the Bob Hudson remedial course.

      BTW, I notice the local chemist is selling a ponce ponger call ‘Police’. Must be for metrosexuals who want to smell like a pig. Or maybe it’s got companion products called Cowboy, Native American, GI, Construction Worker and Leatherman, all from the eau de Village People range.


      • For Fox Sake permalink

        Oi!! Wash your mouth out; just because I dropped a link doesn’t make me a fan!


        • Oh. So you weren’t trying to entertain but to annoy. I should keep your trollishness in mind before leaping to conclusions.


  2. For Fox Sake permalink


  3. WOW. That’s… brutal. In a strange kind of way.
    Killing with poisonous gases is still practiced though 😛


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