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little vegetables


we love you little vegetables
we keep you fed and watered
we give you the best upbringing
make you safe with chemicals
we grow you healthy, happy
ready for harvest


Inspired by Jessica Davidson and Thich Nhat Hanh


From → poetry, slash poetry

  1. For Fox Sake permalink

    d’awwww….you’ve been watching your bunnies groom
    themselves again, haven’t you?

    Ya gotta stop that! It creeps them out.


  2. For Fox Sake permalink

    So….I was reading your verse “After the Concert” and I was steered to the
    perfect snapshot to go with it…

    I fix you with a gaze.
    “What is the very first thing you learn?”.

    The Badger Game

    Hide your bunnies…


    • Looks like affirmative action to me. A man would have had to have worked twice as hard to get hung like that.


  3. So…back in 1954 the cure for lunacy in NSW was to cross the River Murray…

    What body of water do ya reckon holds the cure for your cooties and
    my cancer?


    • By the 1960s subnormal children were still being neglected, luckily for me.

      It doesn’t matter which body of water you cross as long as your shrink sees you walking on the surface.


  4. Do you ha’ to mention shrinks? Wet blankets all of them!
    Anyhoo, I’m crossing the River Livet from which a particularly splendid drop
    of single malt scotch whiskey is distilled.


  5. Can you suck your thumb, Fernando….

    Sooo….I’ve nutted something out here. If you’re in Portugal you have heteronyms;
    if you’re in North America, you’ve got Dissociative Identity Disorder…..narrowing
    down this body of water to the Atlantic Ocean.


    • That’s because DID is probably entirely iatrogenic and they don’t got so many shrinks or screenwriters in Portugal. So the poor Portuguese have to make up their multiple personalities all by themselves instead of workshopping them with a publicity crazed psychologist who then slaps a pseudonym on your case-file and options it to Hollywood.


  6. How Mean we are !


    • They deserve it. Sitting around in the sun all day, doing nothing but looking and smelling nice. Nothing deserves to exist at all unless it’s useful. To us.

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  7. For Fox Sake permalink

    You no call…you no write….you still with us, dude?


    • I was wondering the same thing about you.

      The last couple of weeks have been pretty exhausting and brain scattering but I finished the pills yesterday and expect to pick up a bit over the next week or two. Hope my guts get back to normal soon.


  8. For Fox Sake permalink

    Well….it you are in the market for some old-timey remedies, yesterday I rescued
    a copy of the 1927 “Vitalogy” off a dumpster. Then found out about the
    connection with a Pearl Jam LP cover……..spring has sprung the bunnies sung!


  9. For Fox Sake permalink

    On my goodness golly me….the treatment for CRABS. Cleanse the parts carefully with an antiseptic soap, moisten with tincture of larkspur, and use stearate of zine as a dusting powder to prevent chafing. If this does not prove effective, then the part should be shaved and blue ointment applied day and night.

    D’ya think this is how the pseudo-medical condition of blue balls arose?

    I seriously want to be buried with this Mighty Tome of Nine Centimetre Width, so I can thumb through it in the sweet harryafter. I have my stiff career sorted, dude, disincarnate spirit for Edgar Cayce and medical advisor to the A.R.E.


    Oh, give me my oil of turpentine,
    my scrip of soy sauce,
    my bottle of seamonkeys…


    • Blue ointment was the mercury-based treatment they used to kill syphilis patients with. Unless you wash it off very thoroughly you might end up with blue turk. Oh, what to do …?(right-click and save-link-as/save-to if you can’t stream this).

      Feeding your crabs seamonkeys is a waste of valuable resources. A friend of mine bred tropical fish (he was also the vocalist in Jeffrey, Jeffrey, hysterectomy) but his main income came from breeding seamonkeys (brine shrimp) as fish-food that he sold to his fellow piscaphiles. Quite lucrative I believe.

      And I think you only want soy sauce if you’re infested with mud crabs. Be sure to confirm the diagnosis before you tuck in though. According to Derek and Clive you might be infested with barking toads instead and they’re a protected species.

      I’m told their bite is worse than their bark.


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