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pulling tiny strands
from the web of forever
is making me blind


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  1. For Fox Sake permalink

    He (Len Lye) spoke of “the Old Brain” as their source and speculated about whether they contained genetic information by unconsciously echoing microscopic forms or images from the history of human evolution.

    Those crazy Kiwis have been at it again!


    • Of course I can say nothing about the sources of Lye’s inspiration. Mostly I can only speculate about my own. But I don’t think attempts to draw upon pseudo-science as an explanation for complex, deep-seated mental processes are really any improvement on the linear, reductionist causality usually cited by the rationalist mainstream. Just because I think rationalism has its limits doesn’t mean I think ill-informed crypto-rationalism can transcend them.


  2. For Fox Sake permalink

    But did you read the bit where it says Lye is the parent of the music-video?


    • Have now.

      Yep, he seems to have been a multi-talented innovator. Maybe a genius. That doesn’t stop someone from talking nonsense though. If anything it encourages it.

      Gotta admit the line you quote makes me even more uncomfortable now I know how much he relied on indigenous influences in his art. I find romantic primitivists pretty hard to take. Anti-primitivists are even worse.


  3. For Fox Sake permalink

    Doncha think it’s a crack-up though? A musem with giant Fantasia fibre-optic lamps…..the millenium is dead, long live the Seventies!

    I find romantic primitivists pretty hard to take.

    When I was a kid, I thought Lo, the poor Indian was a chinaman.


    • Well, he carked in 1980, so anything more modern would have been anachronistic. Mind you NZ’s only just emerging from the 50s so the 70s might not be too appropriate either.

      BTW, when I said NZ was mostly a talent-free zone I was specifically talking rock music. I’m assured they have some world class pikelet makers, doily crocheters and morris dancers. I’ve heard they can play rugby too, but that’s not so much a talent as a pathology.


  4. For Fox Sake permalink

    I’m assured they have some world class pikelet makers, doily crocheters and morris dancers

    Get off the gunja! They don’t even dance with chicks, let alone cut the rug with their cars!!

    Considering that you’re spending more time in your dunnny, would you like a
    crochet toilet-roll holder?

    “member that bogan book I mentioned? Dude in Hamilton got a grant of $96,000
    to research the bogan identity…


    • Funny you link to that. My reference to morris dancing (Note I didn’t say “sheep fucking”. See, I can show restraint when I want to.) was inspired by a friend of mine from Palmerston North who was into not only morris dancing but medieval battle re-enactments. He had hours of videos of the latter (none of the former as far as I know) that he inflicted upon us as well as a couple of convincing looking sets of armour made of silver painted plastic. He definitely wasn’t a bogan though. In fact he was rather cultured. So cultured he ended up abandoning his wife for a slender Chinese guy from Hong Kong. He also triggered a 4am AFP raid upon the house of another friend of mine, but that’s a long story.


  5. For Fox Sake permalink

    Oh hush! Medieval battle re-enactments are tons of fun. I’m a dab hand with
    a rake myself.


  6. Cool beans! But you have to build it using Lego.
    While you’re doing that, I’ll pick my scabs in the hot-tub and if, between us, we
    create Armacomintogeddu, we can direct our cootie-carriers, to the
    miracle-working roadside shrine Te Whaeao te Rere ~ Never heard of it?
    Click my name.


  7. And I bet you thought that was a pineapple-flavoured slushie too!

    Better pic at Confessions of a New Zealand Road Worker


    • You kidding?
      I’d never eat something with artificial pineapple flavouring. That stuff’s toxic.


  8. For Fox Sake permalink

    Friedensreich Hundertwasser wrote a manifesto The Holy Shit. He also
    developed a philosophy, The Five Skins, which he might have choked
    out after moving to New Zealand….

    ….ya got the number of a good exorcist there, Mikie?


    • Hah. Hundertwasser was a mere dilettante. While I was in India I developed an entire excretion centred cosmology I named Mahafartism.

      I received my first divine revelation on a railway platform in Karnataka (Londra maybe?) where the track changed gauge to cross into Goa. The carriage I’d been in since Bombay had its toilets full of bags of produce (fresh coriander – I’ve never felt the same about it since) so by the time I had to change trains I was in great need of relief.

      It was my first time in India and I spoke no local languages but my guide book assured me that Sikhs in particular generally spoke excellent English. So after a fruitless search I approached a Sikh on the platform to ask him where the toilet was. With a wiggle of his head and a grand gesture that took in the platform, the tracks and all the surrounding countryside he replied “Toilet is everywhere”.

      I immediately realised it was The Truth. Toilet is everywhere. And we’re all in it together. I’d come to India in search of wisdom (and cheap hash) but never expected to be so rapidly and thoroughly steeped in it.

      There were several subsequent Mahafartist epiphanies, most of them in India, but it would take too long to detail them here. Suffice to say, Shit is Truth. Truth is Shit. It’s only by coming to realise this deep in our guts that we can find our own fundamental nature.

      I’m certainly not one to hide my own enlightenment so I would never hesitate to say I am now Completely Full of It.


  9. For Fox Sake permalink

    Awesome! Pull my finger!


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