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Dear NRA


A smart aleck friend of mine has been making cynical remarks about your suggestion that the only answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

She says to imagine you’re in a darkened cinema when shots ring out and people start screaming. Naturally you draw your weapon and get ready to defend yourself and your loved ones. But when you look around you see at least four people who have pulled guns and are ready to fire. So who do you shoot?

If she’s really so smart she’d know straight away. You shoot everyone, including those still sitting down. Because if you’re waving a pistol around in the middle of a crowd of well armed, frightened people anyone might take a shot at you.

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  1. Ha! Common sense rules..:)!


  2. There is no common sense in the land of guns, only fear and swift injustice.


  3. I said something similar on exactly the same topic; a room with no lights and a dozen panicky people whose firearm training doesn’t extend to combat simulations, who don’t know each other, and who have been told for years by Fox News that terrorists are EVERYWHERE are scattered among the seventy or a hundred other people present. That’s a recipe for a situation to which the phrase “no survivors” gets applied.


    • Yeah, those NRA geniuses sure want to make it easy for any real terrorists out there. They’d only have to set off a cracker in a cinema and leave the patrons to take out each other.

      Another good reason for not shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.

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      • For Fox Sake permalink

        You’ve been loitering outside your uncle’s blog again, haven’t you?


        • I have now, thanks to your comment.

          I actually picked this one up from Maggie’s blogpost about a sex worker who blew away a possible serial killer with his own gun. Inevitably some Dribbletarians weighed in with the suggestion all hookers should carry machine guns.

          If I’d spotted that my uncle had been taking the yanks to task for their firearmphiliac onanism I probably would have come down on the side of the gun nuts instead.

          I’m pretty surprised to see my uncle criticising good ole Uncle Sam. He’s usually a devout supporter of all things Seppo. For some reason he got quite offended when I once suggested America was religious nutjob central.


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