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i refuse to dance to the drumbeat you hear

i’ve closed my eyes to the colours you see

i expect and demand your complete attention

stop finding the world more compelling than me


From → poetry

  1. Today in the fruit’n’veg a young boy, maybe three or four, was accompanying his father. The little guy was in constant motion; dancing, jumping, waving his arms about. He maintained an unceasing stream of chatter that reflected his wonder and engagement with his surroundings. Everyone in the shop was utterly charmed.

    Or so I thought.

    Behind me in the queue a woman whispered direly to her companion, “That’s ADHD. David was the same at his age.”


  2. For Fox Sake permalink

    didya deck her?


    • I’m not typing this from a prison cell, no.

      However I was sorely tempted to turn around and say “That’s incipient senility. My great-aunt was just as stupid at your age”.

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