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normal he says
i should be pleased?
every one of them stops
that’s as normal as it gets

he showed me the paper
the zig-zag lines of my heart
which spike is my second girlfriend?
how big is she now?
how jagged?

From → poetry, slash poetry

  1. For Fox Sake permalink

    It’s weird….googling strippers + bowel cancer = big fat zero

    Think I’ve found my next career move before I transition to
    croc patties (on open sesame seed buns).


    • You’d know from the blog that I heartily approve of stripping.

      But tumours raise questions don’t they? They’re a more fanatical means of reproducing your genes. So I guess they’re the real you. The fundo bits. No compromise.

      So the full monty would leave only carcinoma. The so-called ‘healthy’ tissue would be discarded on stage or tossed into the audience.

      Might be best to use a bucket as a prop until you get the hang of it.


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