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a fallen petal
all will end. nothing finish
we stutter onward

From → haiku, poetry

  1. Gracie Smoke permalink

    from the fallen fruit
    a seed takes root. nothing ends
    we stumble forward


    • Actually this was inspired by a fellow blogger who is having some serious medical issues and expressed regret that he won’t see his beloved niece grow up.

      He’s a Buddhist and knows everything comes to an end (anicca) but when it does its connections to everything else ensures there are always things left unresolved.

      It occurred to me that we’re always being dragged from the real present moment into the speculative future by our expectations but we are always prevented from reaching that future by the constant decay and collapse of everything. That, plus the perspective on time and death my Goddess shows me, led to the contemplation of passing moments as a kind of eternal oscillation of creation and destruction which – if we could perceive the transition as ‘gaps’ – would create a sort of stuttering effect like an old 12fps film.

      Obviously if time really did exist in quanta – as some physicists believe – we couldn’t really perceive the gaps from our time-bound existence because they would exist outside of time. They would take ‘no time’. Hence the perception of a constant smooth transition instead of a series of consecutive creation/destruction freeze frames.

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