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Bye for now


I’m moving house so I expect to be banished from cyberspace for the next week or so.

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  1. Hmm.. A week offline is probably A real vacation .. I could use too.. Before creativity becomes work and creativity dies.. Hope the move goes well.. Meanwhile i continue to find muse.. With deTOURs in the spice of life..;)


  2. Hope the move goes okay and rabbits travel well…


  3. I hope things went wellll.


  4. It was the expected chaos.

    The rabbits and I are pretty well settled in now and the new place is nicer and slightly cheaper, albeit smaller so I had to throw out or give away a lot of stuff. Most importantly the new neighbours are lovely so that’s some compensation for moving away from my friends in Carrington.

    The hard bit was cleaning up the old place enough to get my bond money back. My hands are still covered in half-healed blisters from the work but it was destroying the wildlife refuges I’d made in the back yard that hurt. A king quail had moved in only a couple of weeks before I left and turning him out to the verities of local dogs, cats and traffic was pretty sad, as was evicting the two resident blue tongues. If I hadn’t done it I would not only have lost part of my bond I would have left the job to workmen who probably wouldn’t have taken much care to keep lawnmowers and weed-eaters away from the wildlife. Immediately I had left the landlord cut down three of the four trees on the property so the tree frogs are probably homeless now too.

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