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Free us from free enterprise


fat cat capitalist

I’m an old-fashioned free-enterprise American, not a modern fascist American.
Maggie McNeill

There is nothing free about free enterprise. It merely externalises its costs.

Free enterprises under free markets must either expand or perish. If they survive long enough they inevitably outgrow their entrepreneurs and their regulators, who must then become either their slaves or their dinners.

The hypertrophied corporations that drive the US towards fascist imperialism and the planet towards destruction almost all started out as free enterprises. The hard working and industrious Victor Frankensteins who built them created life alright. Life as we have come to know it all too well. Life driven insane by its own success and excess. Life seeking death.

It remains to be seen whether Malthusianism applies to the human race as a whole. It’s not looking good. But the doctrine of Reverend Malthus is never more pertinent than when describing the behaviour of cancers or corporations.

Perhaps free enterprise is the one thing left in the world that remains free. All else is bound in its web.

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