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Rakti the rabbit


My bunny addiction just keeps getting worse. I’m on three a day now.

Last week I was on my way back from Woy Woy where I had been visiting my Mum and ‘Auntie’ Margot when I spotted an escaped rabbit running around on the road not far from my home. Luckily it was after 11pm and traffic was very light, but playing odds like that can only end one way. I’d seen the same rabbit running loose about four months ago and between the cars, dogs, cats, falcons and eagles it was a miracle it was still alive.

I dropped my backpack at home and did a few necessary chores before heading back up the street armed with a pet carrier, a blanket and a carrot.

By the time I’d got back it was midnight. The wind was rising and a light misty rain had started. The little bunny was browsing on the lawn out front a neighbour’s house. A fence of steel bars kept it safe from my grasp and emboldened it to let me get close.

To cut a two hour story short I eventually gained enough trust to get it into a game of tag so enjoyable it came out through the fence to play. It became so bold I was able to drop the blanket over it while it was distractedly grooming its belly. I got it home at around 2am just as the drizzle turned into the large scattered drops that presage a downpour.

‘It’ turned out to be ‘she’. A particularly playful and affectionate female dwarf half-lop I named Rakti. Probably not a wise move that. Naming an animal you’ve decided against keeping. Especially as one of the meanings of ‘Rakti’ is ‘attachment’.

Considering her four months living by wits in the streets of Newcastle I decided to keep her segregated from my other two rabbits while I searched for her owner. She would have no bunny social skills and could be carrying all manner of disease and parasite infestation that Ananda and Clover could do without. Fortunately the departure of my housemate six months ago left me with a spare room so a litter tray, some pet fencing, a blanket and a few cardboard boxes later it was a dwelling almost fit for a rabbit who probably couldn’t remember what it was to be confined to a hutch.

Ananda and Clover resting

Almost a week later I’ve checked online listings of lost pets, inquired at the RSPCA, had her scanned for a microchip and talked to people up and down my street, including some neighbours I’d never met before. No leads on her owners. I also had her health checked out. No problems there as far as anyone can tell.

Oh. And I fell in love. And I decided to keep her.

So now I’ve got another rabbit I resolved not to have, I probably can’t afford, that will considerably increase my work load, that will require reorganisation of my life and that may render me homeless. If my landlord finds out I could well be evicted and the chance of me finding another affordable rental that allows pets is virtually nil. But I’m still keeping her. Sure sounds like addiction to me.

But pet rabbits aren’t drugs. They’re medicine.

They got me through the darkest of my depression. The times the rope beckoned. They gave my life structure and gave me a reason to get out of bed. They gave me something other than my own misery to look at. They were a daily lesson in love and acceptance. I probably owe my life to them.

Every bunny makes the world a little softer.

  1. Oh my God, I love her from afar! Beautiful post! Don’t blame you one bit for keeping her…


  2. From Rakti to you courtesy of Lunatic Poet Wanker
    From Woy Way, Spike Milligan. They broke the mold
    when they uncheesed him.

    If I could write words
    Like leaves on an Autumn Forest floor
    What a bonfire my letters would make.
    If I could speak words of water
    You would drown when I said
    ‘I love you’.


  3. Dr Hook's Medicine Shaman permalink

    Read Me:

    One of Lucy’s childhood friends then placed two of Lucy’s stuffed toys, a lion and a one-eyed bunny,……….

    Read more:–victim-darkness-source-light.html#ixzz3GorxBShL


  4. They’re sooo fluffy 😍 ***ugh! I’d die***


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